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How long are your contracts?

LITE plan is for 3 months while PREMIUM plan is for one year subscription with discounts. We make it simple for you to start and enjoy using the Drawzania platform.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

Yes, we offer discounts for PREMIUM subscription (one year subscriptions). LITE plan costs USD59 (3 months) while PREMIUM plan is at USD99.

How do I sign up?

Choose which PLAN do you prefer. We do not collect your payment until you have decided to change you subscription plan from FREE to LITE or PREMIUM subscription plans.

Why I should subscribe to LITE or PREMIUM plan?

As a Premium Member, you will get access to all our Premium contents. We offer PREMIUM VIDEOS and lessons that are not available in the FREE plan. There will be more drawing categories open to the users.

How to make payment for my LITE or PREMIUM subscription?

You may pay them by using our payment gateway system provided. Do refer to the 'Sign-up' section.

How long do I have to wait for my LITE or PREMIUM can be used after my confirmation of payment?

Once we received your payment, you can straight away get access to the Premium contents.

How do I get my subscription confirmation?

You may receive an email confirmation from us through your given email in the registration form.

Which categories should I subscribe, LITE or PREMIUM?

You may either subscribe to LITE or PREMIUM plan. To start, we would suggest you choose the LITE plan. But, if you want to get discounts for the subscription fee you may choose PREMIUM.

How do I cancel subscription?

You do not have to cancel your subscription as our policy that there is no refund once you have made the payment for LITE or PREMIUM subscriptions. The subscription will automatically off once the period of the subscription ended.

Can I switch plans?

We would suggest you to maintain the existing subscription till its period ended. Then, you may later switch your subscription plan.

Do you offer student pricing?

We are currently offer only three categories which are FREE, LITE and PREMIUM plan. The price offered are for all including students.

Have more questions?

Our support team is available 24/7 and usually responds in well under an hour. Visit our Help & Support page to contact them.